How to navigate to and enter input in nested frame/form with mechanize

I want to enter some text (login, password) inside a page with frames. The structure is something like:

<html xmlns="">
      <body id="Body">
            <form id="frmM" onsubmit="javascript:return whatever();" action="Login.aspx" method="post">
                  <div id="alldata">
                        <div id="header">
                              <iframe id="Login_SSL" scrolling="no" frameborder="1" src="">
                                    <html xmlns="">
                                          <body onload="refreshParent()">
                                                <form id="form1" action="LoginFrame.aspx?redir=%2fUser%2fLogin.aspx" method="post">
                                                      <div id="loginRow" class="loginMenuRow" onkeypress="javascript:return WebForm_FireDefaultButton(event, 'cmdLogin')">
                                                            <input id="cmdLogin" type="submit" tabindex="3" onclick=" ='_top';" value="Login" name="cmdLogin">
                                                             <input id="Password" class="textbox" type="password" tabindex="2" name="Password">
                                                             <span id="lblPassword" class="loginMenu">Password:</span>

If I try to find the form, I see that only the top level one is available.

FormNotFoundError: no form matching name 'form1'
>>[f.attrs['id'] for f in br.forms()]

How do I go about logging in to this site?


2 options:

  • Access the URL within the iframe directly and then do your form login

  • Login to the site from your browser and use an extension like Firebug to track the posted data. Then replicate this request to login automatically.

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