How to force FormAuthentication to refresh the users roles?

I'm trying to figure out how when using the default forms authentication stuff one can change the roles that a user has dynamically. In our case a user has access to many accounts and there roles can change per account. This doesn't seem like rocket science to me but I can't figure out I would do this. Does anyone have a experience trying to do this or a link that would be helpful?


Just to clarify. We know at startup that User X has access to account #1 with roles 1,2,3 and account #2 with roles 1,2.

So first off I have to handle this part of the problem. Getting their roles based off their current account. For this I think I'd use a RoleProvider. The problem I'm trying to solve though is once ASP.Net has a User how do I tell it to invalidate that user or refresh that user so it would hit my custom RoleProvider (or what not) again.


Roles.AddUserToRole() should take care of adding the user to a role.

For removing: Roles.RemoveUserFromRole()

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