Selenium: delete contents from a textbox

Through selenium. how to delete contents from textbox.

I have to delete the last 2 characters from text box using selenium command.

Ex.ABCD to AB.


Try this -

selenium.type("text_box_object", "ABCD");
selenium.typeKeys("text_box_object", "\b");
selenium.typeKeys("text_box_object", "\b");

Read the current value and store it as a variable. Then 'Type' out the value that you want in the target field (using a substring of the stored value).

For firefox, the backspace event works only if you setCursorPosition at the END of the text in the textarea, otherwise the typeKeys event will type at the begining of the text.

Click onto it, hit end key and backspace twice

The keyPress event of selenium can be helpful:

selenium.sendKeys("text1", "ABCD");
selenium.sendKeys("text1", "\b");
selenium.sendKeys("text1", "\b");

This will Click Backspace key twice.

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