CAKEPHP - How to use a helper function in a controller?

I wrote some function in app_helper file. now i need to call that function in my controller how i can do this in CAKEPHP


You can't.*

If your functions are so universal as to be used outside of views, create them in bootstrap.php or make a custom library/class in the libs/ directory.

* You can load anything anywhere using App::import('Helper', 'NameOfHelper') or ClassRegistry::init, but you really shouldn't. The point of MVC separation is to keep your app well organized.

App::uses('HtmlHelper', 'View/Helper');
$yourTmpHtmlHelper = new HtmlHelper(new View());

Is finally the version which works with Cakephp 2.3

App::import('Helper', 'Forum.Common');
    $commonHelper = new CommonHelper(new View())

If you want to use some common functions in all of your controllers like the helper does for views, you must use Components

rather using App::import('Helper', 'NameOfHelper'), this keeps the MVC standard correct and your app well organized.

You can use the helper in Controller as bellow

App::uses('YourHelper', 'View/Helper');

class yourController extends AppController {

public function index(){
    $yourHelper = new YourHelper(new View());


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