In Code Behind File, How to assign contentEditable=“true” property to the TextBox?

I am binding some values to the TextBox using JavaScript. But During PostBack, the textbox values are cleared. So I used contentEditable="false" in the TextBox property.So the above problem get solved.

But, Suppose if there is no records to bind the TextBox using Javascript, at that time I want to set the textbox property contentEditable="true". So we can enter some values. How to do this in the Code Behind file?

This is my TextBox Sourcode:

This is my JavaScript to assign the Value to the TextBox:

function SuggessionSelectedValues(obj, ctrlName) 
        if(ctrlName == "UCJobOrderNo")
            document.getElementById('<%=txtD1.ClientID %>').value         = obj[1];

I call this JavaScript function in One Dynamic Suggestion control.


The TextBox control has an Attributes property, so in your code behind you could do:

MyTextBox.Attributes["contentEditable"] = recordCount == 0;

This would set the value of the contentEditable attribute based on the recordCount.

We need to give like this:

     txtD1.Attributes.Add("contentEditable", "true");

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