How do I bind a callback function on the complete jstree reload event?

I have a button that reloads (resends an AJAX request) the jsTree once is clicked.

Here is a sample configuration code I have:

treeContainer.bind("loaded.jstree", function () {
    alert("the tree is loaded");

The problem I experience is that I do not have the alert (wrapped in a callback function) displayed once the 'reload' button is clicked the 2nd, 3rd, etc. times. Am I using the wrong jstree status event?

To summarize, I want a jsTree callback function to be executed each time I click the 'reload' button.

I am currently using jsTree 1.0-rc1 (rev. 191).


Destroying the tree before building the new one works as well.

treeContainer.bind("loaded.jstree", function () {
    alert("the tree is loaded");

add this to the core:

        reopen : function () {
            var _this = this;
            if( {
                $.each(, function (i, val) {
                    _this.open_node(val, false, true); 

note that only this.reopened is added to the allready existing reopen-method. now create the reopened-method:

        reopened : function () {

now bind the new reopened-method to your tree-selector

}).bind("reopened.jstree", function (e,data) {
        alert("i am refreshed...");

be carefull, because this alert-message will also be called when the tree is done loading. It is anyhow better, since you now have a way to have a callback when the tree is refreshed!

hope this helps you all!

From the jstree documentation:

.loaded ()

A dummy function, whose purpose is only to trigger the loaded event. This event is triggered once after the tree's root nodes are loaded, but before any nodes set in initially_open are opened.

So you can call this method from the success callback of your ajax call. Something like this:

  url: "yourscript-url",
  success: function(){

See also the "Interacting with the tree" section on the same jstree documentation page.

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