How do I get the find command to print out the file size with the file name?

If I issue the find command as follows:

$ find . -name *.ear

It prints out:


What I want to 'print' to the command line is the name and the size:

./dir1/dir2/earFile1.ear  5000 KB
./dir1/dir2/earFile2.ear  5400 KB
./dir1/dir3/earFile1.ear  5400 KB


find . -name '*.ear' -exec ls -lh {} \;

just the h extra from's reply. saves time converting to MB mentally ;)

You need to use -exec or -printf. Printf works like this:

find . -name *.ear -printf "%p %k KB\n"

-exec is more powerful and lets you execute arbitrary commands - so you could use a version of 'ls' or 'wc' to print out the filename along with other information. 'man find' will show you the available arguments to printf, which can do a lot more than just filesize.

[edit] -printf is not in the official POSIX standard, so check if it is supported on your version. However, most modern systems will use GNU find or a similarly extended version, so there is a good chance it will be implemented.

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