How do you quickly find the URL for a .NET framework method on MSDN?

How to you find the URL that represents the documentation of a .NET framework method on the MSDN website?

For example, I want to embed the URL for the .NET framework method into some comments in some code. The normal "mangled" URL that one gets searching MSDN isn't very friendly looking: Using a Google search URL isn't all that pretty looking either.

What I really want a URL that can be embedded in comments that is plain and easy to read. For example,

// blah blah blah. See http://<....>/System.Byte.ToString for more information


A lot of the time you can merely append the lowercase namespace reference to the domain:

Moreover, for say the .Net 2.0 version (or any specific version) you can add "(VS.80)":

Other versions:

  • .Net 1.1 -> (VS.71)
  • .Net 2.0 -> (VS.80)
  • .Net 3.0 -> (VS.85)
  • .Net 3.5 -> (VS.90)

Try it for a method (Control.IsInputChar) like so:

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