xcache Admin Page is Showing Cache ONLY For Current User (CPanel)

I have a brand spanking new cPanel server. cPanel recently added xcache functionality right into EasyApache, so I built xcache with fastCGI using easyapache. It seems to work, except that whatever account I put the admin pages of xcache on, that's the only account that xcache admin is showing caching info for. This has me worried that it's somehow setup to run a separate 32MB cache for each user (bad news...).

Can anyone shed some light on this behavior? Is this normal and some sort of security mechanism to keep users from viewing each other's caches? Is one 32MB cache being created or one for each user?



If you have suExec enabled, then yes, you have a separate 32MB cache for each user. This is because PHP runs with the UID of the user when suExec is enabled.

For more information, see:

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