How to regex IMG where width >= 300?

How can I get all of the <img>s with a width >= 300?

My markup/code:

$images = <<<END
<img src="/data/img/201108031_023" width="300" height="400" />
<img src="/data/img/201108031_026" width="250" height="300" />
<img src="/data/img/201108031_028" width="400" height="300" />
<img src="/data/img/201108031_032" width="500" height="400" />

My attempt:

preg_match_all("/<img(.*?) \/>/",$images,$matches);


It's not a good idea to use regex for this.

This works for your specific example, but it has a number of problems because HTML can't be parsed correctly by a regular expression:


See it working online: ideone

I'd suggest you look for an HTML parser instead.


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