Posted in spring forum with no response.

I have the following code snippet (from here), which is part of my pet project.

public class MediaBrowser {

    public final ModelAndView listContents(final HttpServletRequest request) {

        String folder = (String) request.getAttribute(

I access the following url:


  • In spring 3.0.6.RELEASE, I got the folder variable as null, which is the expected value.
  • In spring 3.1.RC1, the folder variable is /browse.

Is this a bug or has something changed in spring-3.1?


As skaffman said, you probably shouldn't use PATH_WITHIN_HANDLER_MAPPING_ATTRIBUTE. Take a look at How to match a Spring @RequestMapping having a @pathVariable containing "/"? for an example of using AntPathMatcher to accomplish what you are trying

This looks very much like an internal implementation detail of the framework, one that you should not be relying on.


Note: This attribute is not required to be supported by all HandlerMapping implementations. URL-based HandlerMappings will typically support it, but handlers should not necessarily expect this request attribute to be present in all scenarios.

I wouldn't be surprised if the behaviour changed slightly between 3.0 and 3.1.

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