MS Deploy - Team Build Drop

Does MS Deploy support the following scenario?

  1. Create a package from a Team Build drop
  2. Install the web application into IIS6/7 including app pools, settings, etc.

It doesn't seem to want to let me configure IIS on the destination server if my package wasn't created from IIS originally.


If you pass the parameter DeployOnBuild set to true, then your build will produce not only your normal web site files under _PublishedWebSites, but also one whose name ends with _Package. That will contain your package, the parameters file and the manifest, plus a .cmd file for deploying the package.

What it will not contain is anything you didn't tell MSBUILD to place into the package. In particular, no, it won't contain IIS settings unless you told MSBUILD to place IIS settings there. It won't get the settings from out of the air - it will only get them from your local IIS, and only if that's where you have your project set up.

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