ORDER BY timestamp with NULLs between future and past

I would like to order SQL results by a timestamp field in descending order with newest entries first. However, I have certain rows that are blank or contain zeros. How can I sandwich these result in between future and past rows? Can this be done with CASEs?


EDIT: Thanks to all the responses. Just so everyone knows, I went with MySQL's IFNULL, i.e.


This was the simplest approach, where if when contained NULL the select query replaced it with the current unix time. Note that I updated my DB and replaced all 0s with NULL values.


SELECT * FROM TABLE IF(mytime is null, [sometime],mytime) ORDER BY ...

Not 100% sure whether 'is null' is the code, but I've done something similar.

The simplest version should be:

FROM   mytable
ORDER  BY (mytime > now() AND mytime IS NOT NULL) DESC -- future times first
         ,(mytime IS NULL OR mytime = 0) DESC          -- NULL and "zero" next
         ,mytime DESC;                                 -- everything descending

Or even simpler with a CASE statement:

FROM   mytable
ORDER  BY CASE WHEN mytime IS NULL OR mytime = 0 THEN now() ELSE mytime END DESC;

FALSE sorts before TRUE, therefore we need DESC to sort the hits first. Read about the special value "Zero" in MySQL in the manual.

         , COALESCE(when, '2011-01-01 00:00:00') as new_when
FROM     table
ORDER BY new_when DESC

More about COALESCE(). Basically I'm using 2011-01-01 00:00:00 as the default timestamp if one is not set, so any items with null will be treated as that date. We alias that date as new_when and order by that.

I'm not sure if this syntax works but I think this is the idea...

    CASE WHEN mytime IS NOT NULL AND mytime > NOW() THEN 'a'
         WHEN mytime IS NULL THEN 'b'
         WHEN mytime IS NOT NULL AND mytime < NOW() THEN 'c'
    , mytime

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