Java : Brackets within the if condition

if ((one.option != two.option) && (one.side == two.side))

I need to check the followng Business Logic above

so i written this way


Is this correct ??

Assuming data[0] in place of one getData.value() in place of option shown in the top if condition .

I am concerned about the brackets inside the if condition


It's correct, but personally I wouldn't bother with the brackets in this particular case. I would, however, use more whitespace. I'd write that as:

if (data[0].getData.value() != data[1].getData.value()
    && data[0].getAction().value() == data[1].getAction().value())

If you really want the brackets, I'd write it as:

if ((data[0].getData.value() != data[1].getData.value())
    && (data[0].getAction().value() == data[1].getAction().value()))

I'd normally only include the brackets if I wanted to differentiate between, say,

if ((x && y) || z)


if (x && (y || z))

Of course, this is assuming that the values are ones which are appropriate to compare with == and !=. If they're strings or other objects, you should potentially be using equals instead.

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