find what the mouse pointer is pointing at

Based on windows system (xp or 7), we can move the mouse pointer to a certain position by programming. My question is: when the mouse pointer is staying over some file icon on the screen, how can I know which file it is? (the file's absolute path)

Question Description: I wanna develop an application on my Android smartphone, which can control the mouse pointer on my PC remotely. The mouse pointer can move according to my gestures on the phone's screen. When I tap on my phone, the mouse pointer just clicks on my PC. Finally, after I select one file on the PC screen (click one time on that file), some special gestures (i.e., draw a circle on the phone screen) can copy this file from my PC to my Android phone. Basically, I need to set up a server on my PC, and communicate with my phone via WiFi or Bluetooth.

But I am stuck on the problem above. Thanks in advance.


Instead of trying to figure out what item is under the mouse, why not just let the system tell you? You've already selected the item, so you just need to copy it to the clipboard. (Don't forget, icons can represent virtual content, not just files.)

Alternatively, you can ask the shell object model for the identity of the focused item. It helps a lot that in your case, it's not just the item pointed to by the mouse, but the item clicked on by the mouse, since that selects it.

Note that this technique works only if the user selected an item in an Explorer window. It won't help with icons in other programs.

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