Problems with supporting tablets and handsets simultaneously - resources

I just got a Samsung 10.1 tablet and apart from the fact that the screen layout is different and I clearly need to start specifying layout-large etc. I noticed a few other differences.

Can anyone help me with any of these issues (they're quite varied)?

  1. In one of my layout files I reference an icon called facebook_icon which I have stored in my own project's drawable-hdpi folder. This is actually different to the standard facebook icon in the Facebook SDK but even though I'm just using @drawable/facebook_icon and haven't referenced the facebook SDK library from the layout file the image that is displayed on the tablet is the SDK icon and not the one from my own project! Why?


  1. That tablet is MDPI, so the SDK icon is an exact match (because it's in drawable/facebook_icon and your icon is in drawable-hdpi/facebook_icon, and the drawable directory without a qualifier is MDPI.)

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