Send iframe app invites

I am trying to send invites to people to from my iframe tab application using the FB.ui method. My code sends the dialogue perfectly, and the users does receive the app request, however, when clicking on the request they get a "An error occurred with RCS Let's make it possible. Please try again later." error.

This application can ONLY run through the facebook iframe tab, so, I want the users to go to the tab location, not the application page.

Any ideas would be greatly welcome!

The code:

FB.ui({method: 'apprequests',
                        message: 'Play RCS Let\'s make it happen game!'
                    }, function(data) {


Found it!

The solution is in fact not a code issue, but you should go under your Facebook Developers app settings > Auth Dialog and ensure that you have Authenticated Referrals turned off.

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