how to run Activemq program in java

i have install activemq 5.5.1 in my c:\programFiles\activemq\...
and from the command prompt i have installed it and set enviroment variable.

and i have also run it. and it is also running on local host.

i have write a java program in my eclipse editor.
and i have added Activiemq library in project form that path.


but i am also confuse What the use of that c:\programFiles\activemq... installation how i use it.

I want to only to create my first Activiemq program through java.

plz help


The installation of ActiveMQ gives you everything you need to run the broker standalone by just running the activemq.bat under the bin directory. It's just a nice way of packaging the application as opposed to just giving you some jar files. If you want to run the broker inside a Java program you just need to include the jars for the broker and you won't need to use the installation directory again.

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