Get values from object if the name of the object is stored as a variable?

I have a JSON object return with the following format:

"miscObject": {
    "205": [
            "h": "Foo",
            "l": "Bar"

miscObject contains somewhere over 1500 entries, each named incrementally.

How can I get to the values of 'miscObject.205.h' and 'miscObject.205.l' if I have "205" stored in variable without having to loop through all of the objects inside miscObject?


It seems that you're talking about Javascript objects rather than a JSON string.

x[y] and x.y are mostly interchangeable when accessing properties of Javascript objects, with the distinction that y in the former may be an expression.

Take advantage of this to solve your problem, like so:

var num = '205';
//                    ^^^^^
//                      \
//                     instead of `.num`, which wouldn't be the same as
//                       `num` is not the literal name of the property

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