How can I regex case insensitive in unicode string?

Lets say I want to search for the Greek work Καλημέρα which means good morning How do I search for ΚΑΛΗΜΕΡΑ or καλημέρα or even κΑΛΗΜερα


In this example using NSCaseInsensitiveSearch items 1 & 3 match as do items 2 & 4:

NSString *morningList = @" Καλημέρα, ΚΑΛΗΜΕΡΑ, καλημέρα, κΑΛΗΜερα";
NSArray *morningTests = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"Καλημέρα", @"ΚΑΛΗΜΕΡΑ", @"καλημέρα", @"κΑΛΗΜερα", nil];

for (NSString *morning in morningTests) {
    NSRange range = [morningList rangeOfString:morning options:NSCaseInsensitiveSearch];
    NSLog(@"location of '%@': %lu", morning, range.location);

NSLog output:

location of 'Καλημέρα': 1
location of 'ΚΑΛΗΜΕΡΑ': 11
location of 'καλημέρα': 1
location of 'κΑΛΗΜερα': 11

Not exactly what was asked but perhaps helpful.

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