What is the best way to load ASP page in my ASPX page?

I'm working with a partner who gives me tools in Classic ASP. My website is in ASP.NET 4.0, what is the best way to include its tools in my page?

I have a restriction, I can't enable Classic ASP on my server.

Is it possible to parse it?

Thank you


You can compile your classic asp code to .net using this compiler:


and then run that.

Or you can paste your file.asp contents into file.aspx and then modify the code until it compiles. Sometimes you can update the objects to the corresponding pure .net class or object, sometimes you have to use .NET's COM interop facilities. It is easier than it looks to do a single page, it is much, much harder than it looks to do an entire application with 100s of pages and a full set of classic asp patterns.

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