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GWT RequestFactory is nice while saving/update the data, using as below:

EmployeeRequest request = requestFactory.employeeRequest();
EmployeeProxy newEmployee = request.create(EmployeeProxy.class);

Request<Void> createReq = request.persist().using(newEmployee);;

and we use remove instead of persist to delete.

Then how about Search using RequestFactory. Say my domain object is Employee with name, login & address. All three fields are optional for search, Can we achieve this using RequestFactory? or we should use RPC?



Using your example, you can find user with RequestFactory like this:

request.employeeRequest().find(newEmployee).with("name", "login", "address");

You could do it in several ways, very similar to how you'd do it with GWT-RPC:

  • request.findEmployees(optionalName, optionalLogin, optionalAddress).fire(new Receiver<List<EmployeeProxy>>() { … })
  • EmployeeSearchProxy search = request.create(EmployeeSearchProxy.class); search.setName(optionalName); search.setLogin(optionalLogin); search.setAddress(optionalAddress); request.findEmployees(search).fire(new Receiver<List<EmployeeProxy>>() { … })

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