jQuery - Run a function after .load() is complete AND DOM is updated

I'm trying to run a function on an object that is loaded into the DOM when the user clicks on the menu. Here is some part of my code:

$('#menu li a').click(function(){  
            var toLoad = $(this).attr('href');

            var $newItem = $('<li></li>').appendTo($(columns).first());

            function loadContent() {
                $newItem.load(toLoad, runScript());

            function runScript() {
                //see the code in IE9's debugger

            return false;

The problem is, when I click on the menu item, the alert function in the above code, shows the code before loading: <li></li> and not the loaded element from the object itself hence the script changes the old object and the new object overwrites its content. (like I've never ran the script). I assumed that the fallback function should implement return the loaded object. How can I get that object? Thanks.


Pass a reference to runScript not the results of executing the function:

$newItem.load(toLoad, runScript);

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