Use Linq to group and organise list of data in correct order

I have the following data table and i need to group it by quarters. I basically need to show Jan totals which will be including Jan Feb Mar then i need to show Apr totals which will include Apr May Jun and so on down the list. I also need to show offpeak and years in the same order


If you can "groom" your data so that the months are represented as an integer number 0 - 11, then you can group them into quarters by grouping on int(month / 3). Jan(0), Feb(1), March(2) div 3 all = 0. April(3), May(4), June(5) div 3 all = 1, etc. The Quarter number (Q1, Q2, etc) is int(month / 3) + 1

If the months are stored in the database as strings, you'll have to write a mapping function to reduce the string name to the month number (switch statement), and pray that this app is never used or seen by anyone other than English speakers. ;>

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