How to access a private Map in JUnit using reflections?

I have a connector class (SVNConnector) which should be junit tested. There is a private map called private Map<String, SVNRepository> connectionMap which should be accessed in JUnit, but this map doesn't have a getter method. So I have to use reflections to do that. My question is: How does that work? I tried the following:

public static void setUpBeforeClass() throws Exception {
    svnConnector = new SVNConnector(user, pwd);
    Field connectionMapField = SVNConnector.class.getDeclaredField("connectionMap");

There are not any Collection specific getters or setters to check the size of the collectionMap or similar. So how can I access it?



Do you mean you want to get the value of the field?

Map<String, SVNRepository> connectionMap = 
    (Map<String, SVNRepository>) connectionMapField.get(svnConnector);

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