Xcode 4.2 Product -> Run Greyed Out

My "Run" button under "Product" is greyed out and after trying a few things from various forums, can't figure out what's gone wrong.

I've tried removing the project.xcworkspace and xcuserdata files and letting xcode generate new ones, but no...

My co-worker uses AppCode from IntelliJ and when he pulls the code, it runs just fine. But if he opens the same files in his Xcode, his "Run" is also greyed out.


"Edit" your current "Scheme":

Make sure you have "Run" checked for that build target:

Make sure you have the correct target selected.

(Upper-left in Xcode window, near the triangular Run button.)

My co-worker who uses AppCode had edited the configuration file, moved some frameworks around, etc... We noticed that there was a difference between XCode and AppCode in using relative vs. absolute paths in the project.pbxproj file.

Ultimately I just reverted the code to before his changes, so at this stage, I'm not entirely sure which difference in the config file actually caused Xcode to not be able to Run the project.

**EDIT From the .git logs, it looks like AppCode was adding relative directories with 7 sets of "/../" and before there were only ever instances of 5 "/../" to get back to the root directory. Rather frustrating that Xcode had no way of dealing with this from inside the IDE.

The scheme need to be fixed (I don't know why xcode changed it) Here are the required steps: , ,

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