append icon to download links but not if it is an image

Using the following code I want to add an icon to the text link but not to the image link. and I want the image in-line rather than as a background as the usual css background image method doesn't work for link text that wraps lines.

<a href="foobar.pdf"><img src="" /></a>
<br />
<a href="foobar.pdf">Title of the PDF (10MB)</a>

I need to do this with jQuery as I manage a large site (over 4 million pages).

Any pointers appreciated.


Try something like this:

var non_img_link = $("a:not(:has(img))");
var icon = $("<img>", {src: "icon.png"});

// or .prepend() if you prefer

$('a:not(:has(img))') // gets all anchors that do not contain an image.

Using the above selector you can append what is needed to anchors that do not contain an image.

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