How to get the percent of packets received from Ping in bash?

When pinging a host I want my output just to show the percentage of packets (5 sent) received. I assume I need to use grep somehow but I can't figure out how (I'm new to bash programming). Here is where I am: ping -c 5 -q $host | grep ?. What should go in grep? I think I will have to do some arithmetic to get the percent received but I can deal with that. How can I pull out the info I need from the summary that ping will output?


As always, there are many different ways to do this., but here's one option:

This expression will capture the percent digits from "X% packet loss"

ping -c 5 -q $host | grep -oP '\d+(?=% packet loss)'

You can then subtract the "loss" percentage from 100 to get the "success" percentage:

packet_loss=$(ping -c 5 -q $host | grep -oP '\d+(?=% packet loss)')
echo $[100 - $packet_loss]

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