How can class method access be safely controlled in a C++ mutli threaded program using boost?

I want to translate some Java code into C++. One of the Java classes extends the Thread class and contains the following method:

 public static synchronized String createUniqueID() {
    //some code here

How can I synchronize (in the Java sense of the word) class methods in C++ using Boost? I have read about using boost::mutex for synchronizing access to shared data, but I am not sure how to apply this to C++ class methods.


The following is equivalent to a Java synchronized method in C++. In fact, it is exactly equivalent, with the obvious exceptions that it is written in a different language and a different threading library.

class Thing {
    static std::string createUniqueId () {
        boost::unique_lock<boost::mutex> synchronized(mutex_);
        // ... generate a unique id here.

    static boost::mutex mutex_;

Note that the mutex is protected, not private, allowing you to use the same mutex (as you should) in subclasses.

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