select with condition oracle

I have a VARCHAR which value aaa or bbb let say depend on this I have to make

  SELECT x FROM y WHERE y AND som = 1 


  SELECT x FROM y WHERE y AND som = 2

I there any way to make this like

case xxx
      when z then som1
      else som2
  end as ABC  
FROM ...


I want make something like this (lets say its pseudocode ;) )

variable VARCHAR;

SELECT id FROM table WHERE age =
CASE variable
WHEN 'aaa' THEN 21
ELSE 'bbb' THEN 99


You could use a CASE statement

  FROM table
 WHERE age = (CASE WHEN variable = 'aaa' 
                   THEN 21
                   WHEN variable = 'bbb'
                   THEN 99
                   ELSE null

However, it may be more efficient and easier to read to just do an OR

  FROM table
 WHERE (variable = 'aaa' AND age = 21)
    OR (variable = 'bbb' AND age = 99)

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