Set AIR window position programmatically?

How do you set the position of an AS3 AIR Project window programmatically?

It is simple to do with application descriptor, but I cannot get it to work through code.

All research has lead me to stage.nativeWindow.x = 200; but this does not do anything for me.

The following has no effect:

    public function Main():void 
        stage.nativeWindow.x = 200;


Try placing the code in an event handler:

protected function initWindowPosition(event:Event):void {
  stage.nativeWindow.x = 200;

and listen to an event, such as Event.ACTIVATE:

addEventListener(Event.ACTIVATE, initWindowPosition);

If that doesn't work on it's own, you might also try using the NativeApplication's activeWindow property, in case the stage's nativeWindow property isn't initialized at the time the ACTIVATE is dispatched:

NativeApplication.nativeApplication.activeWindow.x = 200;

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