Updating a Ruby gem from Github

I'm relatively new to Ruby on Rails. I'm using a particular gem my_gem in my project. In my Gemfile I see an entry gem 'my_gem' "1.2.3".

my_gem is in source control on Github. I've pushed some changes to Github. Now I'd like to update the version of my_gem in my Rails project.

I'm unclear about gem update my_gem. How does my Rails project know where to find the latest version of my_gem?

Edit: I'd prefer not to include a Github path. Perhaps I can publish to Ruby gems instead?


If you have your gem listed like this example from the Bundler website:

gem "nokogiri", :git => "git://github.com/tenderlove/nokogiri.git"

your project will pull the latest source from your GitHub repository whenever you update the gem in your project.

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