How to Program Outlook 2007 Add-In with Multiple Mailboxes

I'm trying to figure how to write a simple add-in for Excel 2007, but one that only interacts with one of my mailboxes. Currently I have two email addresses coming into my outlook, each in a specific 'mailbox'. I was wondering, how would I specify a NewMail event for a specific mailbox?

Or, perhaps not as clean, but how could I write an if function that specifies which mailbox / email any new item is addressed to...

Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks


To catch new mail event, add this code to addin startup method:

this.Application.NewMailEx += 
    new Outlook.ApplicationEvents_11_NewMailExEventHandler(Application_NewMailEx);

Then add method to handle NewMailEx event:

void Application_NewMailEx(string EntryID)
    // get MailItem for this new mail
    Outlook.Explorers explorers = this.Application.Explorers;
    Outlook.MailItem newMail =
        (Outlook.MailItem)explorers.Application.Session.GetItemFromID(EntryID, System.Reflection.Missing.Value);

    // check SendUsingAccount to see if it came in mailbox we are interested in
    if (newMail.SendUsingAccount.DisplayName == "")
        // do whatever You like

Add using statement also:

using Outlook = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook;  

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