How to print part of a line PART 2

Using Groovy, I wish to grab two parts of a tab-separated line. Take the example line:

one fish two fish red fish blue fish ----(each character tab /t separated)

Suppose I want to print one and then I want to print red fish blue

How can I do this?

Alternatively, suppose I want to print one and then a count of the number of characters (words) following red? Or between two and blue?

A previous question yielded this response for printing everything following a certain part of the line:

c = ~/.*red(.*)/

m = line =~ c
if (m) {
println m[0][1]

to yield fish blue fish but I'm not comptetent enough with regex's to modify this appropriately. I've tried a few iterations, inserting /t in there and modifying my capturing expression but I've not figured it out. This is three or four questions in one, any help is appreciated. Thanks!!


def a = [:].withDefault{[]}
def b = [:].withDefault{[]}
def c = 0
def d = 0
def e = 0
def f = 0

seuss = "one\tfish\ttwo\tfish\tred\tfish\tblue\tfish"
a = seuss.split (/\t/)

for (i =0; i<a.size(); i++) {
 if (d != 0) {
    c = c + 1
if ( a[i] == "red") {
    d = i


println a[4] + '\t' + c

for (i =0; i<a.size(); i++) {
if ( a[i] == "blue") {
    e = 0
 if (e != 0) {
    f = f + 1
if ( a[i] == "two") {
    e = i


println a[0] + '\t' + f

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