Remove source code from Static Library XCode 4

how can i remove the source code from my static library with XCode 4? When i have Xcode 3 in target there is the list of source and i can delete them, but with XCode 4 the target is not expandable...

Can i do olso with some libtool?



Not sure to understand what you mean, but if you want to remove symbols from a binary/library, you should use the strip command.

A static library is not source code, it's machine code. You can't have access to the source files, if you only have a static library.

Otherwise, if you meant "target" instead of library, meaning you are actually building a library with Xcode, and you want that specific source files don't compile into the library, use the "Target membership" section on the Xcode right panel (utilities).

When you select the file, you can set the target for the source file:

I'm assuming that you have the library sources added to the project and you want to remove them from a specific target. Select the project (the top level item on the left side), select the target under "Targets", click "Build Phases" and remove the respective items from "Compile Sources".

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