How to trim leading single quote and leading zeros from sql query

I need to compare two columns in a sql table. The data in one column has a leading single quote and may have leading zeros and the other column may have leading zeros. I need to trim the leading zeros off one column and the leading quote and leading zeros on the other before I do the comparison. Is this Possible?



I tried this but it does not trim to leading zeros off the T.RoutingNum column.

    WHEN Replace(Ltrim(Replace(F.RoutingNum, '0', ' ')), ' ', '0') 
        <> SUBSTRING(Replace(Ltrim(Replace(T.RoutingNum, '0', ' ')), ' ', '0'), 2, 20) 
        THEN 'DO not match' 
    ELSE 'match'


    when cast(isnull(f.routingnum, 0) as bigint) 
        <> cast(isnull(replace(t.routingnum, '''', ''), 0) as bigint)
        then 'do not match'

This is a good write-up on how to remove leading zeroes depending on your data type:

If your RoutingNum is actually numeric it's as easy as casting it to an INT

Here is a related question which probably also answers your problem: Removing leading zeroes from a field in a SQL statement

EDIT: And, I just confirmed that these same results are easily determined using this method:

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