Adding Special Characters to an XML file that is stored in an XML DB?

I am using eXist xml database now.Normally, I just store regular xml files in it. I found that if I try to put some special entities like "lambda" into the xml file, I will always get the following error:

"The entity lambda was referenced, but not declared".

I tried all possible ways to add entities definition in various config files in eXist db, but still not effect at all. However, the &quot,&amp,&lt are working.

Wonder if any body has similar experience of adding more special character to xml file? Thanks.


I never tried to use lambda in my xml file, but I think that eXist will accept the normal html escape. So for lambda, it will be Λ and λ. I found it from wikipedia and tried it in my client and works fine. However, I don't know how to reappear your error message so just hope it's the answer your want.

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