IOS Multiple Developer Certificates per One Login / One Apple ID / One Development Machine

In the current xcode organizer there is Library / Developer Profile. Currently I have a personal developer profile which I would like to keep.

The company that I am working for has their own developer profile that I would also like to use. I have to request a certificate from them. To do this one goes to the Web Site Developer Porthole and usually this is blank and then there is a request button. But when there is one present, there is no button to request.

How do I get the request to the company for the other certificate?


You must first be invited to join your company's development team. After accepting the invitation, you'll be prompted to choose a development team whenever you log into

So, first create a certificate signing request using Keychain Access, then log into the developer site and choose the company team. Then you can enter the portal and request a certificate. If I remember correctly, you'll then be prompted to upload your certificate signing request.

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