Regex replace string which is not float

I have a string, where I need to parse it as a float, but first I need to replace it, if it is not a number (an integer or a float), so I am trying to create an regular expression to do it

My tries results in NaN

One of my best tries is

var $replace = $text.replace(/^[^d.]*/, '');
var $float = parseFloat($replace);

Can anybody tell me, what I am doing wrong?


if (! isNaN($text))
  $float = parseFloat($text);
  $float = 0; // or whatever

If you really want to replace everything thats not a digit, then try this:

var $replace = $text.replace(/[^\d.]/g, '');
var $float = parseFloat($replace);

This will replace a string of "123a3d2" with a string of "12332".

It looks like you want to strip "non-numeric" characters from the beginning of the string before converting it to float. A naive approach would be:

var s = input.replace(/^[^\d.]+/, '');
var n = parseFloat(s);

This works for inputs like "foo123" but will fail on "". To parse this we need a more sophisticated regexp:

var s = input.replace(/^(.(?!\d)|\D)+/, '');
var n = parseFloat(s);

Another method is to strip the input char by char until we find a valid float:

function findValidFloat(str) {
    for (var i = 0; i < str.length; i++) {
        var f = parseFloat(str.substr(i))
        if (!isNaN(f))
            return f;
    return NaN;

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