Monitor Data sent from Android app to Php server in Real time

I made an app that sends coordinates over to my php server. I am able to verify that this works because it returns the coordinates to my phone in a specific format that I set.

However, is there a way to monitor the coords in real time as the phone sends them over to the php server. For instance, can I open app/app.php in firefox and have the php code print the coordinates to my screen as I send them one by one?

I am using JSON to pass the data back and forth.

Thanks in advance


This answer seems slightly different than what you asked, but I think it could apply

I think a popular solution to this is to use Fiddler2

What you will do is use Fiddler to intercept traffic for sniffing or tampering, and set up your phone or app to use the PC running Fiddler as a proxy.

Configure fiddler to accept connections from remote devices, configure a proxy on your android phone or emulator to use the fiddler proxy, then it can sniff and modify all traffic send from the phone.

If you just want to be able to open a webpage on your server that displays coordinates in real time, some sort of ajax poller might be your best bet.

Create a webpage that uses Ajax to ask the server if any new coordinates have been sent since a given timestamp, have the server respond with the coordinates if any had been sent, append the results to a div in the browser. Keep polling for new coordinates as long as the browser page is open.

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