AS3 Delay Timer Execute and Start Timer

Hello I have a ActionScript 3.0 project and I have a timer that is running on 1000 millisecond intervals. I would like to delay this timer for 1500 milliseconds perform an action and start the timer again after the delay. I thought I could do this easily, but I'm having trouble, would it be better to stop the timer and perform the action and then listen for the action to be completed to start the timer again? If you have time, I would appreciate the help. Thank you, Scientific


Assuming I understood your question, why not something like this? (UNTESTED CODE)

yourTimer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, itIsTime);

function itIsTime(evt:TimerEvent):void {
  if(yourTimer.delay == 1500){
    //Do your stuff
    yourTimer.delay = 1000;
  } else {
    //Do your stuff
    yourTimer.delay = 1500;

Alternatively you could use 2 timers, but the idea is the same, after 1000 do one thing, after 1500 do something different, controlling when each timer goes off with the other timer's listener function.

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