Stripping whitespace and dot from hyperlinks

I am trying to remove whitespace and dot from hyperlinks all rules are working fine except its not removing dot from url. Here are few examples

 <a href="   ">example site</a>
 <a href="">example 2</a>
 <a href="">final example</a>

  $text = preg_replace('/<a href="([\s]+)?([^ "\']*)([\s]+)?(\.)?">([^<]*)<\/a>/', '<a href="\\2">\\5</a>', $text);

In the last example RE should remove dot from url. Dot is optional so I wrote this rule (.)?


Because your dot is already matched by ([^ "\']*) group.

Change it to ([^ "\']*?) - ungreedy version.

And also I suggest you to replace ([\s]+)?(\.)? with [\s.]* to handle "    " strings.

How about <a href="([\s]+)?([^ "\']*\.[a-zA-Z]{2,5})([\s]+)?(\.)?">([^<]*)<\/a>? .[a-zA-Z]{2,5}?

It will catch .com, .info, .edu and even something like

This will trim up the hrefs (I asume you mean to trim them).

for both '" value delimeters (expanded):

(<a \s+ href \s* = \s*)
     (") \s* ([^"]*?) [\.\s]* (")
  |  (') \s* ([^']*?) [\.\s]* (')

replacement is: $1$2$3$4$5


for just " value delimeter (expanded):

(<a \s+ href \s* = \s* ")
(" [^>]*>)

replacement is: $1$2$3

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