TinyMCE: Plug-In for applying multiple classes to a textblock

The question whether it is possible to apply multiple classes/styles to an element in TinyMCE has already been asked and properly answered.

However, i wanted to ask around whether anyone has found any prepared plugin for this purpose, or perhaps has even written his own?

Certainly i am also open for alternative approaches, should someone know of any!

Thank You!


No need for a plugin, this functionality is built in to TinyMCE:


    style_formats : [
        {title : 'Error Message', classes : 'message error'},
        {title : 'Headline', classes : 'heading heading-loud page-heading'}

This creates two options under the styleselect control, labeled by title, which will apply all the classes to the element.

There's quite a bit more you can do with this, make sure to read the docs thoroughly.

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