Confused why form is not submitting

I don't think there's anything I left out, but the form doesn't seem to be transmitting any data upon hitting submit. My code is as follows, I realize it's kind of long, but I wanted to include the entire form. All of the attached functions just check if the input was valid:

<form name="formname" id="formname" action="database.php" method = post onsubmit="return checker()">

Username: <input type='text' id='un' onchange="checkname(id)" onkeyup="checkempty(id)" ><div id="un1"></div><br>

Reporter Title:<br>

<select id="s2" onblur="checktype(id)" >

<option value="choose">Choose one</option>

<option value="Assistant Director">Assistant Director</option>

<option value="Director">Director</option>

<option value="DB Admin">DB Admin</option>

<option value="Systems Admin">Systems Admin</option>

</select><div id="s21"></div>

Password: <input type='password' id='pw' onchange="checkpass(id)" onkeyup="checkempty(id)"><div id="pw1"></div><br>

Email: <input type='text' id='eml'onchange="checkemail(id)" onkeyup="checkempty(id)"><div id="eml1"></div><br>

Description:<br> <textarea rows="6" cols="20" id="desc" onchange="checkdesc(id)" onkeyup="checkempty(id)" ></textarea><div id="desc1"></div><br>

Type of Incident:<br>

<select id="s1" onblur="checktype(id)" >

<option value="choose">Choose one</option>

<option value="afs">afs</option>

<option value="password">password</option>

<option value="hardware">hardware</option>

<option value="other">other</option>

</select><div id="s11"></div>



$ret = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM countries");

echo "Choose your location:<br>";

echo "<select id='countries' onblur='checktype(id)'>";

echo "<option value='choose'>Choose one</option>";

while($array = mysql_fetch_array($ret)){

echo "<option value='{$array['abbrevs']}'>{$array['full']}</option>";


echo "</select><br>";


<div id="countries1"></div><br>

Would you like an email copy?

<select id="s3">

<option value="no">No</option>

<option value="yes">Yes</option>


<input type="submit" id = "sub" value= "Submit">


and the php I tried to receive it with



$username = $_GET['un'];
$password = $_GET['s2'];
$reporter = $_GET['pw'];
$email = $_GET['eml'];
$description = $_GET['desc'];
$type = $_GET['s1'];
$country = $_GET['countries'];
$emailopt = $_GET['s3'];


the checker function:

function checker(){

if(isgood && isgood1 && isgood2 && isgood3 && isgood4 && isgood5 && isgood6)
return true;

document.getElementById('subb').innerHTML = "You must fully complete the form.";
return false;


where the "isgoods" where just quick flags I made for validations, which was all working properly.


Your form's method is POST so you should use $_POST instead of $_GET in your PHP script.

Also you should fix up your HTML so it's valid, you need to quote the method attribute properly:

<form name="formname" id="formname" action="database.php" method="post" onsubmit="return checker()">

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