Ruby on Rails and MongoDB

I have a new Ruby on Rails installation where I can see the default start-page.

I followed this guide in order to install MongoDB to Rails.

Now I get this error when running rake test:

**Notice: C extension not loaded. This is required for optimum MongoDB Ruby driver performance.
  You can install the extension as follows:
  gem install bson_ext

  If you continue to receive this message after installing, make sure that the
  bson_ext gem is in your load path and that the bson_ext and mongo gems are of the same version.

I have installed the bson_ext gem, which means that now bson_ext in not in my load path or that the gems are not the same version.

Where is the load path? How can I change it? How do I check if the gems are the same version?


If you're using Ruby on Rails 3+, you should check that the bson_ext gem is referenced in your Gemfile.

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