FancyBox 1.3.4 jquery issue in IE8 and IE7

I was hoping that someone can help me with this fancybox plugin issue.

Problem is in the IE7 and IE8. Error - SCRIPT87: Could not get the display property. Invalid argument.

As I noticed scripts break on this line:

            $(fx).animate({prop: 1}, {
                 duration : currentOpts.speedIn,
                 easing : currentOpts.easingIn,
                 step : _draw,
                 complete : _finish

I'm using jquery version 1.4.2

live example and issue on this link:


You are adding 3 instances of jQuery when you only need one (ideally the latest version):

and an empty call to

.....Also you are loading jQuery UI twice

IE is more susceptible to this kind of conflicts/errors than other browsers. Try reducing your calls to a single instance of each script and beware of the order (jQuery first and jQuery plugins after)

Additionally, make sure that the DOCTYPE is the very first line of your html document (not preceding spaces or comments), otherwise IE will fail to run in standards mode hence fancybox won't work properly.

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