Delphi 'Alarm Clock'-like application

I need to make a simple alarm clock application that, instead of playing a sound, will upload a file to the ftp (got the latter figured out). Timers have proved to be ineffective when it comes to executing a thread.

Here's what I got so far:

ttime     : tDateTime;
timerstr  : string;
timealarm : string;
aThread : TMyThread;
aThread := tMyThread.Create(false);
ttime := Now;
timestr := FormatDateTime('hh:nn:ss', ttime);
timealarm := '09:30:30';
if timestr = timealarm then
aThread.Resume; //The thread will execute once and terminate;

Can you guys think of another way to make that command happen once a day in a more effective way?

Thank you.


Solution found: CRON Scheduler

Thank you LU RD and Runner.

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