Get a tablets(iPad or Droid) mac address?

Synopsis: I am developing a HTML5 web app that will allow tablets(iPad or Droid) to login to a server and perform various functions. The client would like a way to check the devices mac address when logging in. From what I have read, most solutions use activex objects that will not work for webkit browsers.

Question: Does anyone know a solution that would hook into a HTML5 web app seamlessly(Idealy update a hidden form element with the value upon logging in)?



I don't think there's going to be a straightforward way to do this. The web server won't be exposed to a client's MAC address unless they're on the same physical'll only see the MAC from the most recent router hop in general.

If anything exists, it's going to be a browser plugin (show-stopper on iOS). And it would probably need more than the default permissions available (I don't suspect you can enumerate network interfaces in Java, for example, without asking for elevated permissions).

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