How to control shared internet connection (ICS - Internet Connection Sharing) using LSP/SPI?

I am trying to write an application for myself to learn things and to use in my own office. What I am trying to write is:

  • I have two nics. First one is connected to internet and the other one is connected to network
  • I have enabled ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) in my own PC
  • Other computers (Laptops, iPads etc.) are connecting to internet using my PC
  • So my c works like a hotspot

I am trying to see where they are connecting to and log their IP and MAC address. If I can do this, I will also add sign-in function at future.

Actually, my LSP supports TCP, UDP and RAW protocols. It works both on x86 and x64 Windows OS (Tested on Windows 7). However, when I connect to internet through this PC using my iPad, it doesn't seem working. WSPStartup never called.

If you have any idea, I will be more than happy.



You need to use NDIS, a library like WinPCAP would do the work.

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