order by on a django paginator page object

How can I run an order_by on myFinalData? I need to do it after pagination or the pages sort don't make sense

myData = Data.objects.all()   
paginator = Paginator(myData, int(limit))
myFinalData = paginator.page(int(page))      


If you want to sort just the current page! I would use the normal python sort method, something like that:

myData = Data.objects.all()   
paginator = Paginator(myData, int(limit))
page = paginator.page(int(page)) 
final_data = sorted(page.object_list, key=lambda k: k['name']) 

To sort using an specify key, just change the lambda!

Some reference: http://wiki.python.org/moin/HowTo/Sorting

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